Term Definition
Course RepeatThe second time you have taken a course, in which the first grade is anywhere from A – F. The second grade will replace the first grade. The first grade will remain on your transcript, but will be removed from your GPA. Taking a course again when the first grade was a 'W', is not considered a repeat. It is possible to repeat a course and replace it with a grade of 'P'.
CreditAlso known as 'units', or commonly regarded as 'credit hours'. Credits are a numerical value indicating the number of hours assigned to each class per week. For example, a three credit course meets three hours per week.
Cumulative GPAThe total average of your UMass Boston grades in all semesters combined.
Current Semester UnitsThe number of credits you are taking in the current semester. As an alternative, you may also enter the number of remaining credits needed to reach your degree requirements.
Goal GPAThe cumulative GPA you are trying to earn. The goal GPA calculator will identify what GPA you need in the current semester in order to reach your goal. As an alternative, you may identify the GPA you need in your total remaining credits in order to reach your goal. See 'remaining units'.
GPA FormulaPoints ÷ GPA Units. For example, a student who has 57 GPA units and 172 points would have 172 ÷ 57 = 3.018 GPA.
GPA unitsAlso known as 'credits'. These include only credits in which a grade has been earned. (GPA units does not include transfer credits, grades of Pass or the first grade of a repeated course).
Grade Point EquivalentA numerical value assigned to each grade. Example, A=4.0: C+=2.30. See the Registrar's Office website for a full list of grade point equivalents.
PointsThe quality of achievement in a course, shaped in a numerical format. For example, a grade of B+ in a four credit course would carry more quality points and have an inherently higher quality of achievement as opposed to a grade of B+ in a one credit course. Points are also commonly known as 'quality points'. To calculate the quality points in a given course, multiple the grade point equivalent by the units. Total quality points is the sum of all the points earned for each course.
Remaining UnitsThe number of credits in the current semester, or the number of credits you need to earn your degree. See Goal GPA. Check your Degree Progress Report for this information, or simply subtract the number of credits you have earned from 120. Keep in mind - if you have earned more elective credit than is necessary, the remaining credits needed to fulfill your course requirements may exceed 120.
Semester GPAThe average of your grades in any given semester.
Term GPASame as the Semester GPA.

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