University Advising Center

Critical Analysis Courses for students entering with 30-89 credits

UMass Boston offers critical analysis courses to prepare transfer students for upper level academic work in their major, as well as for the Writing Proficiency Requirement. These courses are Critical Reading and Writing (CRW) 221 and Intermediate Seminars.

Thinking about the following experiences will help you determine your preparedness to meet the challenges of the General Education Critical Analysis Requirement and decide the appropriate critical analysis course to register for this semester.

Students who would benefit from taking CRW 221 (and then eventually an Intermediate Seminar) tend to describe themselves as:

  • feeling stressed or anxious about completing writing assignments fully and on time
  • needing help in organizing ideas
  • not confident about independently reading and interpreting sources in various disciplines
  • unsure about how to conduct research and use appropriate citations

Students who are prepared for an Intermediate Seminar tend to describe themselves as:

  • having demonstrated analytical reading, writing, and thinking in previous courses
  • successfully completing writing intensive courses in disciplines other than English composition or literature
  • comfortable with writing papers integrating multiple non-fiction sources
  • feeling confident about their ability to conduct research and use appropriate citations

For more assistance with this decision, use the Self Reflection Exercise and/or talk with your academic advisor.